The ARTCA Company was born in 1993, shortly after the law in Romania allowed the existence of private firms. It started with only three planners and it functioned in diverse locations of the Iasi municipality.

Starting with the year 2011, ARTCA has it’s own headquarters, built with the help of European financing, where a total of 12 employees work together with their partners of  architecture complimentary specialties.

In total, ARTCA office holds 31 people specialized in architecture, urban, structural, vertical systematization, road and HVAC planning. With this design capacity, ARTCA has gained important and durable partners. A successful example is Kaufland Romania, for which it has designed investments summing up to about 125 mil. Euros in total value.

In the journey begun in 1993 until today, ARTCA has evolved from the status of a small firm to a medium one, achieving trough its financial performance a rank amongst the top 100 architectural firms of Romania.


  • Oancea Ionel – PhD senior architect & urbanist
  • Oancea Cornelia – engineer (roads & bridges)
  • Oancea Irina – senior architect
  •  Tundrea Vlad – junior architect
  •  Breniuc Miruna – junior architect
  • Zauer Cezar – CAD technician
  • Andrei Stefan – CAD technician
  • Bujoreanu Radu – CAD technician

Our ambitious goals

What do we pursue, offer in the relation with our clients?

Architecture is the art of space, or more exactly, the art of a certain cultural space. Starting from this simple truth, ARTCA guides itself in relation to her clients pursuant to the following principles:

  1. The integration of architecture in the cultural and historic space of the location.

  2. The assertion of sustainable development.

  3. Maximum efficiency in the context of the given assignment.

  4. Maintaining a partnership climate between the parties involved in the development and the making of the objective.

  5. Permanent engagement in the process of the realization, implementation and operation of the projects it designs.


Classification of experience, or the firm’s engagement to each sector (years of experience)

Architecture: 20 years of experience
Urban Planning: 20 years of experience
Interior Design: 10 years of experience
Consulting: 5 years of experience

  • Tudorache Adrian – senior architect
  • Cantoriu Petrisor – senior architect
  • George Carapanu – senior architect
  • Petru Tipau – senior architect

  • Ivasc Corneliu – PhD senior engineer (structure, roads, bridges)
  • Benta Doina – senior engineer (roads & bridges, vertical systematization)
  • Moiciuc Laura – engineer (roads & bridges)
  • Gherasim Catalina – civil engineer
  • Marculet Andrei – civil engineer
  • Catarau Andrei – civil engineer
  • Margineanu Rebeca – civil engineer
  • Bitir Andreea – civil engineer
  • Costescu Daniel – civil engineer
  • Iacobescu Bogdan – civil engineer

  • Melenciuc Silviu – PhD engineer (metal construction)
  • Betiuc Ciprian – Civil Engineer
  • Melenciuc Andrei – HVAC Engineer
  • Dumitroaia Andrei – HVAC Engineer
  • Alexandru Andrei Ionut – HVAC Engineer
  • Valcu Gabriel – HVAC Engineer
  • Soficu Daniel – HVAC Engineer
Images from ARTCA`s office