ARTCA has a great wealth of experience and success when it comes to producing projects of the entire architectural programme. In the domain of Civil Architecture, it has created dwellings of all categories, either low budget or luxury, individual or collective; multifunctional housing projects, plus social and educational buildings. ARTCA has experience in re-conversions, transformations and the development of existing buildings sites. Furthermore, ARTCA has important projects in the Industrial Production field area. The firm has special prepossession in favor of integrating architecture in not only the natural landscape, but also the cultural one. As implied, there is a distinguished amount of attention given to historical info, always looking to create an architectural scenery that is both evocative and progressive. Hence the fact that the ecological factors needed for a sustainable development are always a priority.

Design. Interior and Exterior

ARTCA puts effort in preserving the conceptual continuity in the organization of both the interior and the exterior space of proposed projects, in the sense of a functional, aesthetic and ergonomic fluidity. Towards this aim, it has the needed capable individuals to to give effect to this vision regarding the architectural space.

Urban Planning & Development

Through it’s team, ARTCA has vast & diverse experience in urban development, in different areas, either big or small towns. Thus, it’s portfolio contains zoning plans, general urban plans & development strategies. 


Based on own experience in the elaboration of projects and the accessing of financing from diverse possible sources, ARTCA has the readiness and the proper preparation needed to offer counseling regarding the structure of development ideas and their possible financing strategies.